How To Handle College Relationship Sex Now

Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Relationships, Birth Control and STD Prevention. Yup, we’re going to cover it all right here, right now.

To start we need to be clear that being in a committed relationship is traditionally the most reliable and safest way to have sex regularly in college. That’s just the honest truth.

Sure, there are plenty of other ways to have sex during college; but each of them are progressively more risky when it comes to pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases. So for the rest of this article we’re going to focus on sex within relationships in college.

First off, being a boyfriend or a girlfriend in a sexual relationship in college eliminates all of the uncomfortable, lonely, and anxious circumstances which go along with constantly searching for a partner.

All the sexual rejection, the guessing games, and the nervousness are left behind by students in college relationships.That’s because students in sexual college relationships are more comfortable and relaxed with each other which allows for an all around safer and happier environment.

That is the key to learning how to handle college relationship sex.

It is easy to see the many benefits of being involved in a college relationship as it pertains to sex. However, the benefits also come with some responsibilities.

Yes, responsibilities suck; especially when they apply to sex. However, these responsibilities aren’t too bad and they more than pay off in the end.

That’s why it’s best to get them out of the way right up front when the sexual college relationship begins.

Most of the responsibilities are just simple conversations. They are conversations between the students involved in the sexual relationship about how exclusivity, pregnancy prevention, and sexually transmitted diseases prevention will be handled.

Those topics and how each person feels about them can never be assumed. That’s why active conversations must be had to ensure both students are in agreement on how those topics will be dealt with.

Then, after both students agree on a plan for pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease prevention, along with agreeing to exclusively have sex only with each other; they need to get tested.

Yeah, this can be a slightly embarrassing topic, but not nearly as embarrassing as giving someone an STD.

That’s why everyone getting involved in sexual relationships in college must make an appointment at the campus Health Center to be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases.

Yes, this part kinda-sorta blows. However, once it’s done and each student passes, that’s when the fun really begins because all the stress surrounding it is now eliminated.

That leaves just one final item to be handled; and that’s which type of birth control is best for each student in the sexual college relationship. This decision needs to be taken seriously to prevent both pregnancy; and future STDs.

Yes, at this point both students have passed an STD test and agreed to only have sex with each other going forward, but that doesn’t guarantee it will stay that way.

The possibility of one student having sex with someone else is still that: a possibility. And that possibility could result in an STD being introduced into the relationship.

That’s why when choosing a birth control method all possibilities must be considered.

Here’s a quick guide to help make the choice of which birth control method to use. It includes ratings along with best and worst qualities for each one:

Birth Control Methods:

Ratings: 0 = Very Low / 10 = Extremely High

Type: Condom

Effectiveness In Preventing Pregnancy: 8
Effectiveness In Preventing STDs: 8
Pleasure Reduction: 5
Prep Time: 3

Best Qualities: Easy on and off, highly accessible and cheap.

Worst Qualities: They can break, rip or slide off. Loss of some sensation.

Type: Birth Control Pill, Birth Control Shot, Birth Control Patch

Effectiveness In Preventing Pregnancy: 8
Effectiveness In Preventing STDs: 0
Pleasure Reduction: 0
Prep Time: 3

Best Qualities: No barriers involved and is ultra-effective against
pregnancy when taken consistently on schedule.

Worst Qualities: Remembering to take the pill, shots aren’t pleasant,
and patches can be awkward.

Type: Diaphragm, Sponge, Cervical Cap

Effectiveness In Preventing Pregnancy: 6
Effectiveness In Preventing STDs: 1
Pleasure Reduction: 5
Prep Time: 6

Best Qualities: If she can’t take the pill, shot or patch, and he can’t or
won’t wear condoms, there isn’t much left to choose from.

Worst Qualities: Inserting and using is clumsy and sometimes awkward.

Type: Rhythm Method

Effectiveness In Preventing Pregnancy: 3
Effectiveness In Preventing STDs: 0
Pleasure Reduction: 0
Prep Time: 2

Best Qualities: You can use your time machine to transport yourself
back to an age when this was believed to work.

Worst Qualities: Babies, babies, and more screaming, crapping babies.

Type: Withdrawal

Effectiveness In Preventing Pregnancy: 6
Effectiveness In Preventing STDs: 2
Pleasure Reduction: 7
Prep Time: 2

Best Qualities: Can hang out with your rhythm method friends in the delivery room.

Worst Qualities: Highly ineffective and mentally draining.

* Action Step *

Go to the college Health Center with the person you are in a sexual relationship with and tell the nurse what you’ve read above.

Also, learn the nurse’s name and get a phone number for the Health Center. They are there to help you with whatever questions you have.

You are paying for it in your tuition so you may as well use it.

* Nurse you met with:
* Phone number of the Health Center:

That’s ultimately how to handle college relationship sex while further tapping into your inborn power. This will bring you closer to living as the most complete version of yourself immediately.

How To Handle College Relationship Sex Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X