How To Handle Dark Times Now (Speech)

One of my greatest joys in life is visiting National Parks. To me they are temples, teachers, and therapists all rolled into one.

Most of the National Parks symbolize the human experience better than anything else I’ve ever found.

A perfect example of this occurred when I visited a park in California which contained the great Sequoia Trees.

These are the oldest, largest, and most majestic trees anywhere on earth. They are simply COLOSSAL.

As I was examining one of the trees I noticed a cross-section of it that exposed its lifespan and its history.

The rings of this tree which represented each year it had been alive were very noticeable and some of them were more prominent than others. Much like my life, and yours.

Then I noticed a cluster of rings which were much darker than the rest. Much like some of the years in my life, and in yours.

As it turns out there was a massive forest fire one of those years and the growth of the tree was effected by it for several years afterward.

Although the tree didn’t realize it at the time, its progression and growth was stunted for those years due to the fire trial it endured. It experienced some dark times.

However, now when you step back and look at the tree’s life history, in it’s rings, those dark times are just a tiny blotch among all the other healthy and thriving rings of growth.

The tree endured dark times and came out the other side thriving and healthy.

The same applies to me, and to you. Understanding this is critical for eventually living as the most complete version of yourself.

How To Handle Dark Times Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X