How To Have A Powerful Day Now (Speech)

Here’s exactly how you can create a truly powerful 24 hours for yourself by doing these 21 things.

In fact if you do theses 21 things in the span of 24 hours you will virtually guarantee yourself an incredibly powerful day and in turn allow yourself to begin tapping into your inborn power.

Here are the 21 things. You have 24 hours to make them all happen.

#1: You must listen more than you talk.

#2: You must give more than you get.

#3: You must smile more than you frown.

#4: You must think “we” more than “me.”

#5: You must agree more than you disagree.

#6: You must compliment more than you criticize.

#7: You must laugh more than you cry.

#8: You must clean up more than you mess up.

#9: You must be positive more than you’re negative.

#10: You must be fascinated more than you’re frustrated.

#11: You must “walk the walk” more than you “talk the talk.”

#12: You must be accepting more than rejecting.

#13: You must see the cup “half-full” more than “half-empty.”

#14: You must help more than you hinder.

#15: You must believe in yourself more than you doubt yourself.

#16: You must work smarter than you do harder.

#17: You must act more than you react.

#18: You must save more than you squander.

#19: You must reduce your load instead of adding to it.

#20: You must love more than you fear.

#21: You must do new things instead of the same old stuff.

You can do this. Go.

How To Have A Powerful Day Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X