How To Kill Laziness Forever Now (Speech)

Did you put in some time and work towards your wildly successful future today?

Oh, you didn’t feel like doing it? Maybe you’ll do it tomorrow if you feel up to it?

STOP IT. Most people do this and it needs to STOP NOW.

You don’t have to FEEL LIKE doing it. Feeling like it doesn’t matter at all!

You just need to START doing it and THEN you’ll start feeling like it.

Stop focusing on your feelings and start focusing on your ACTIONS.

Because when you start acting a certain way, your feeling will adapt to those actions.

You’re not a hostage to your feelings. So stop waiting to feel like it and start acting yourself into feeling like it. Take control of your feelings through direct ACTION.

* Your ACTION will change your ATTITUDES

* Your MOTION will change your EMOTIONS

* Your MOVEMENTS will change your MOODS

Here’s a quick acronym for this: A.C.E

A.C.E = Action Changes Everything.

When you don’t feel energized, don’t focus on your feelings. Don’t languish in your lack of energy; simple start acting energized!

This is not a load of crap. IT WORKS. This is how the human brain is wired.

If you’re feeling gloomy and lacking energy get up right now and start doing 25 jumping jacks while smiling and singing your favorite song.

BAM. You’ll start feeling happy and energized almost instantly.

That’s because the ACTION of smiling and jumping around will change the way you feel. The ACTION doesn’t proceed the feeling it PRODUCES the feeling.

Stop trying to deny this to yourself and DO IT. Your future is at stake.

You’ll never live the life you desire if you can’t control your feelings.

You can do this. Fight through the negative feelings. Start now and kill laziness forever so you can finally begin commanding your inborn power.

You’ll thank me, and yourself, later.

How To Kill Laziness Forever Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X