How To Know Good Advice From Bad Now

Ever notice that sometimes those friendly bits of advice and motivational words of wisdom from our friends, family members, co-workers, or perceived experts aren’t what they seem to be?

That’s because there’s a strategy behind how to know good advice from bad.

From time to time we’ll receive good advice from someone we trust. Then, soon after we’ll receive the exact opposite advice from someone else we trust which is also good.

When that occurs we officially become trapped within the ‘Conflicting Truths verses Words of Wisdom’ phenomenon. It’s a real thing and accepting it is the first step in how to know good advice from bad.

The entire phenomenon of ‘Conflicting Truths verses Words of Wisdom’ begins when a statement of advice is true, yet the opposite of that statement is also true.

I’m sure most people have heard the advice, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” and then heard someone else say, “Better safe than sorry.” Out of those two statements, which one is true?

The answer is they are both true even though they are completely opposite statements.

That’s how the phenomenon works and once we understand that we can truly figure out how to know good advice from bad.

Keeping the phenomenon in mind we must be very careful as to which pieces of advice we adhere to. Advice can come from many different sources and it can go in equally as many directions.

This is especially true with relationship advice. Most people have heard the statement, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and then soon after they could hear, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

This is a common example of the phenomenon where the advice giver implies there is only a ‘black or white’ way to proceed while neglecting the vast grey area involved in all situations.

Life is full of gray areas. Situations where advice is needed are seldom either black or white.

In fact it is the gray areas of life where all great advice is born. Because the gray areas allow our instincts and intuition to factor into the outcome while a ‘black or white’ mindset just equals automatic reactions.

At times when we hear gray advice such as, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” we know there’s more aspects to consider. We know we have to check our instincts and intuition before moving forward.

Continuing with the grey area mindset, “Is the more, really the merrier,” or is, “Two’s company; three’s a crowd” the best way to proceed?

Either one is good advice, but what do our instincts and intuition say about our current situation? The point is we have to think it out.

We must never simply buy into someone else’s black or white way of thinking just because they are giving us advice. That’s why we need to always analyze any words of wisdom we receive against its opposite by finding its conflicting truth.

Only then can we come to our own conclusion based on the full awareness of how to know good advice from bad.

Never forget that we can seek advice from the oldest monk in a meditation temple, or from the youngest kid in a kindergarten class. Age doesn’t guarantee wisdom.

Unless we believe the saying, “With age comes wisdom,” or does the adage “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings come all wise sayings” make better sense?

It’s all up to us.

So whatever words of wisdom we hear we need to forever remember that its conflicting truth is just as true. Basically, we must never blindly follow advice.

Because the only bad advice is advice that’s not thought through before it’s acted on.

No matter what always run any advice through your instincts and intuition to see which way they are pointing.

That’s ultimately how to know good advice from bad while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

List a conflicting truth that is currently affecting your everyday life.

Then, record your pro and con feelings regarding the conflicting truth to get a better view of which direction you should proceed.

Conflicting Truths:

Truth 1
Truth 2

Pro Feelings Both Ways:
Con Feelings Both Ways:

How To Know Good Advice From Bad Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X