How To Know When To Transfer Colleges Now

Yeah, knowing if, when, and how to transfer from one college to another is an intimidating decision to say the least.

However, it is one that can be very good in the long run if we do it correctly and for the right reasons.

First off, many students think if they transfer colleges whatever problems they’re having will just go away. However, that’s not really how it works.

Yes, transferring to a new college may seem like a rebirth, but our problems will not simply vanish with the change of scenery.

That’s because if we fail to get to the root of our problems and correct them, our physical location is irrelevant because the problems will just resurface.

That is the key to understanding how to know when to transfer colleges.

It’s understandable that after a few disappointing semesters, even the most diligent student may start to blame their college for their quickly fading potential. This is the point at which most students first contemplate transferring.

Instead of searching within ourselves for a possible reason as to why we’re are not doing well, we tend to strictly focus on our poor results while ignoring our inability to fully adjust to the college system.

What I mean by fully adjusting to the college system is that a lot of students have problems handling the fact that it’s not designed to pay special attention to any single student.

That is the major reason why most students blame their school, and not themselves, for their disappointing results. Basically, the college system is an easy target for students to blame for their desire to transfer.

But really, if it were the college’s fault that it’s students received disappointing results; everyone would be transferring to a different schools. Yet, that’s just not the case. So the real reason for our disappointing results must be something else.

Actually, the real reason for our disappointing results is all about ‘ownership,’ or lack there of. What this means is that most students simply don’t take ownership of their disappointing results when they occur.

Instead, we push them off as if we had no role at all in creating them in the first place. That’s the real problem.

Because, it doesn’t matter if disappointing results surface in our academics, our relationships, or in our social life; we must own those results so we learn from them and start generating better results.

After all, when we deny the results we get in life there’s very little possibility for us to get better results anytime soon. That’s why we need to take ownership of all our results, both good and bad.

Once we start taking ownership of every result we generate in college, we will transform ourselves. We will become so much stronger. This transformation will allow us to being commanding the results we actually want.

Then, transferring to another school may not be necessary at all. That decision can only be made correctly once we fully take ownership of every result we generate. Otherwise, our disappointing results will just follow us wherever we go.

Now that we realize our results in college need to be owned; we still may need to transfer schools.

However, once we commit to transferring, we must make sure we’re doing it for academic reasons first, and social reasons second. Transferring colleges needs to be focused around a better education, not a better social life.

Also, if we’re transferring from a community college to a four-year college or university, that is a clear step up and is usually a very good idea.

If we’re transferring from a four-year college or university, to a two-year community college; we need to make sure it’s absolutely the best move.

Because remember, if we’re good enough to get into a four-year college, we’re good enough to graduate from it.

Next, if we’re transferring from a four-year college or university, to a different four-year college or university; we must always visit the campus first.

We need to also go on a tour and speak to the staff personally to better understand the curriculum, reputation, and tuition costs to be sure they are all improvements over our prior college.

Lastly, when transferring to any college or university we must make sure all of the credits we’ve earned can be fully transferred as well.

That’s massively important, because if our credits can’t be transferred that means we’ve wasted a huge amount of time, energy, and money. We can’t let that happen.

If we’re committed to transferring, we must also commit ourselves to transferring all of our credits. Otherwise, we need to find another college or university which will take them all. Never waste earned college credits. Ever.

That’s ultimately how to know when to transfer colleges while tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Here are the Five Keys for taking ownership of your results:

Key 1: Be aware of your attitude as often as possible.

Key 2: Don’t let your environment dictate your behavior.

Key 3: Take responsibility for every good, bad, angry or sad emotion.

Key 4: Repeat to yourself in times of discomfort, “This too shall pass.”

Key 5: Realize that you have the strength to start creating successful results for yourself right now by owning whatever happens, learning from it, and then applying that knowledge moving forward.

How To Know When To Transfer Colleges Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X