How To Live In College Dorms Starting Now

Let’s get right down to it, just being enrolled in college and living in the dorms does not automatically grant anyone access to fun or excitement.

In fact, dorm life can be very boring and lonely if we don’t seek out something called ‘Headlining Experiences.’

First off, dorm rooms are great for small parties, early-morning cramming sessions, and late-night crashing quarters.

A dorm room is our home base where we can relax, gather our thoughts, and then go back exploring all of the major destinations and little-known hot spots on or near campus.

A dorm room is not meant to be a private sanctuary where we hide out and miss out on the very experiences we came to college to enjoy. This is the critical issue when learning how to live in college dorms starting now.

The hype about college is true. The late nights, the great parties, the awesome relationships, and the rest of those Headlining Experiences can be ours when we take an active role in creating them for ourselves.

As with most genuinely exciting things in life we need to seek out Headlining Experiences in college and not wait around for them to find us. That’s the key to how to live in college dorms starting now.

Headlining Experiences occur when we push ourselves out of life’s ‘fine print’ by continually experiencing new things instead of sitting around doing the same old stuff.

The most interesting part is that no one ever knows up front which experiences will turn out to be headliners. That is why we must leave our dorm rooms and do as many new things as possible whenever possible.

This way, sooner or later, we are nearly assured of getting ourselves out of the fine print and finding some Headlining Experiences.

What I’m referring to as the ‘fine print,’ is what some people call a comfort zone. Recognizing comfort zones is an important key to learning how to live in college dorms.

Because once we’re lost in the fine print, we’ll quickly become very tame and withdrawn which can evolve into an everyday way of life.

The only way to fight out of the fine print and grab some Headlining Experiences is to keep saying “yes” when offered a chance to do something that initially feels mysterious or foreign.

We need to keep our minds alert to how many times we say “no” to possible Headlining Experiences by asking ourselves, “Am I saying no because the activity is against everything I stand for, or am I holding myself back because I’m downright petrified of leaving my fine-printed comfort zone?”

When we question ourselves about why we are saying “no” to potential Headlining Experiences we must dig past the initial reasons and confront what is really holding us back; which is just simple, beatable, common fears.

We may ask ourselves, “Why is the fear there?” However, that is not a strong question. A better question to ask is, “Why does it have to be this way?” followed by, “Exactly how many Headlining Experiences is this fear costing me?”

Finally we may ask ourselves, “Am I going to live my entire life in a comfort zone so my family will have that to write on my tombstone: ‘Here lies Mr. Snug. He was born, he stayed comfortable, then he died’?”

Nobody wants that. That is why it is imperative that we rack up as many Headlining Experiences as we can while in college. The more Headlining Experiences we find ourselves in now, the more comfortable we will be living the rest of our lives as a headliners.

Now probing the campus for Headlining Experiences is going to be hard at first, especially when we think an upcoming event is going to be a headliner, but it turns out to be disappointing.

A lot of times Headlining Experiences develop from situations that just happen out of nowhere. That is why we have to be ready to leave the dorm room for any occasion at any time.

College is a crucial stage of life that we must use to experience as many new things as possible. In an attempt to discover Headlining Experiences we will also endure things we will not enjoy and will never want to do again.

If this seems discouraging just ask yourself, “What’s better; reaching for Headlining Experiences and coming up short at times, or languishing in the fine print until college and it’s potential for massive fun is over?”

That’s ultimately how to live in college dorms while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

As you sit and read this right now, you are faced with a choice about expanding your world way beyond your dorm room. This message offers you an opportunity to transform your life from being mostly in the fine print to mainly in the headlines.

How many non-sleeping hours on average do you spend in your dorm room per day?
If this number is four hours or above, you need to get out more. It is that simple.

List three people, places, or events, where you want to spend more time.


In the next week, spend at least two hours with each of these three items instead of staying in your dorm room. That is about an hour a day.

Then, you can build up from there. If you do, you’ll be enjoying Headlining Experiences very soon.

How To Live In College Dorms Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X