How To Make College Easier Starting Now

Let’s start acknowledging that even when things are easy and simple; they still require some work. Now that we addressed that let’s check out the following three basic tips which explain in detail how to make college easier starting now.

Tip #1: Five Day Class Schedule

When scheduling classes avoid cramming them all into two days a week. Having to go to class only two days a week may seem like it’s making college easier, but it’s not.

It doesn’t make college easier because those two days of classes are long, draining, stressful, and not conducive for producing the energy needed for great results.

Instead schedule classes out over all five days of the week. This way there won’t be any more than two or three classes on any given day.

Then, it will be much easier to dedicate the needed energy to each class for getting great results; and generating great results is what makes college easier.

Yes, it does seem attractive to have a few days completely off during the week, but honestly we have been going to school five days a week since first grade.

Whether we want to admit it or not, that’s how we’re geared and that’s how we’ll generate the greatest results. A five-day class schedule is what we are accustomed to, don’t fight it.

Tip #2: Limit 8 a.m. Classes

The less 8 a.m. classes (or earlier) we have the easier college will be. Period.

The reason for that is 8 a.m classes are the most skipped classes on campus; and even when we go to them we miss out on too much of the content. That occurs because the human brain is like a race car.

We have to let it warm up before we can expect it to hit top speed. So when we push ourselves to get to 8 a.m. classes our brain isn’t usually fully engaged until the class is half over at best.

Thus creating sub-par energy levels which product weak results and cause college to be more difficult. That’s why we need to limit 8 a.m. classes whenever possible.

Tip #3: Find A Secret Study Hideout

It’s very important to find a secret study hideout on campus away from our regular flow of activities where we can get serious classwork done.

Our secret study hideout needs to simply be a table or desk in a secluded part of the library, or deep within a building we don’t usual go into. That’s all.

It just needs to be isolated from our regular activities enough so that when we go there we experience a different type of energy which allows us to better focus on our work. Doing this makes college easier immediately.

We must not waste time trying to do the bulk of our classwork in our dorm rooms, or in any dorm study areas. There are just too many distractions there.

When we maintain a pattern of studying in our secret hideout, the amount of work we will get done and the quality of it will be shocking.

Find a secret study hideout today and get to work making college easier.

That’s ultimately how to make college easier while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Make College Easier Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X