How To Make Everyday Great Starting Now

Here are the exact ten steps to ensure tomorrow will be better than today. If we follow these 10 steps closely our lives will soon explode with incredible results.

Step #1:
Wake up early to an alarm you set the night before and immediately drink some water as you begin a ten minute exercise routine of stretching, deep breathing, and body weight strength training.

Step #2:
Plan your day by writing a ‘Crush It’ list of exactly what you are looking to accomplish or CRUSH that day.

This list needs to have three sections: what are you looking to start, what are you looking to make progress on, and what are you looking to finish.

Step #3:
Start working on your ‘Crush It’ list. Begin with what you’re looking to ‘finish,’ then tackle the ‘make progress’ section, and finally towards the end of the day you can ‘start’ something new.

Step #4:
Fuel your body for productivity. Eat and drink healthy meals and supplements throughout the day.

Step #5:
Making progress on your ‘Crush It’ list will feel good. It will energize you. However, those good feelings will not last long.

You will soon come face to face with frustration, procrastination, distractions, and lack of motivation. At that point you will want to stop working.

That is when you must get up, take a quick break filled with movement and deep breathing, and then refocus on the remaining items on your ‘Crush It’ list.

Step #6:
As the day moves on good feelings and bad feelings will come over you in waves. That is when you must realize feelings are just feelings. They come and go.

When you’re feeling down you need to put yourself back in positive motion. Even if all you can do is fake it, do that! Act as if you’re positive and that you’re ‘Crushing It’.

Once you do that your emotions will follow along and soon you’ll be back to actually ‘Crushing It’.

Step #7:
As you work your way through your ‘Crush It’ list remember that progress is what you’re aiming for, not perfection. If you aim towards progress a complete result will occur.

Then, after you have a complete result if you want to review it for tweaks that’s fine. Just don’t look to make every instance along the way perfect. If you do you’ll just bog yourself down.

Step #8:
When your day is done and you lay your head down to sleep you’ll be able to relax with the best reward of all; you’ll be able to say “I really crushed it today,” instead of having to say, “I wish I had crushed it today.”

Step #9:
When you awake the next morning start back on Step #1.

Step #10:
Continue doing steps one through nine until they become a habit. Then you’ll be ‘Crushing It’ so much your life will explode with incredible results. Get started now. Your amazing future awaits.

That’s ultimately how to make everyday great while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Make Everyday Great Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X