How To Make Lifelong Friends In College Now

The way to make lifelong friends in college is easy in theory, but it tends to be difficult in execution.

That’s because the key to making lifelong friends lays in our ability to be true to ourselves. After all, we can’t make true lifelong friendships without first being true to ourselves.

However, being true to ourselves and expressing exactly who we are without being persuaded by popular culture or peer pressure is a difficult thing to do in college.

That’s why so many students end up with plenty of temporary friendships, and almost no lifelong ones. It’s because they go around pretending to be a person they really aren’t.

Nonetheless, that trend can be reversed when we integrate ‘true self’ actions into our daily behaviors.

A ‘true self’ action is when we say, wear, watch, listen to, go somewhere, or do something that we genuinely enjoy regardless if it’s popular with the majority of students on campus.

When we actively integrate ‘true self’ actions into our daily behaviors we let our authentic character shine through which attracts other students who are doing the same. Those are the students who we are best suited to develop lifelong friendships with.

Because, when we connect with other students who are being as true to themselves as we are, true friendships form naturally and then start to grow.

However, if we go around pretending to be what we think other students like just to fit in and make friends quickly we won’t end up with any true lifelong friendships.

That’s because students who are being true to themselves can spot pretenders from a mile away. Students who pretend to be someone they aren’t, or at least someone they aren’t completely, are lost.

They’re doing everything to hopefully make true lifelong friendships except being true to themselves. They say, wear, watch, listen to, go places, and do things that they don’t fully enjoy and it shows.

That’s why they have problems developing true lifelong friendships. It’s very sad.

Let’s ask ourselves right now, “Do we want to date or hang out with someone who is not true to themselves about what they say, wear, watch, listen to; or the places they go and the things they do?

Because really, if they are not true to themselves how can we ever expect them to be true to us? Don’t we want to be around people who produce ‘true self’ actions after ‘true self actions? Of course we do; and same goes for the people who hang out us.

In the end, the key to how to make lifelong friends in college is to simply be our authentic selves all the time.

Even if it’s not popular or what the mainstream thinks is cool. We must never pretend in college. We need to be completely true to ourselves if we ever hope to make lifelong friends.

Now, when we set out to integrate more ‘true self’ actions into our daily behaviors there are three main categories we can use do so. Those three main categories are:

Category #1: Join

Joins clubs, organizations, or sports teams that we have a natural talent or desire for, no matter what the popular opinion may be.

Category #2: Express

Openly expresses our political, artistic, and social likes and dislikes without fear of losing friends.

Category #3: Listen, Watch, Go, Do, Wear

Listen to our favorite music, watch our favorite shows, go to our favorite places, do our favorite things, and wear our ideal clothing style proudly without having to hide or apologize for it.

Lastly, don’t forget the more open we are about being true to ourselves, the more we’ll attract other students who are doing the same thing. That’s when true friendships form and build over time into lifelong friendships.

* Action Step *

Stare deep at your face in the mirror. Are you being true to yourself enough? Are you working enough ‘true self’ actions into your daily behaviors?

For most students the answers are, No. However, that’s okay, because once you realize it you can do something about it by taking action on the 3 Major Categories For ‘True Self’ Actions listed above.

Then, things can change for the better and true friendships will begin showing up out of nowhere.

Now, list three items you truly enjoy but do not share with your friends because you believe they will be viewed as uncool.


Finally, carry or wear something associated with any of the items you listed to see the potential lifelong friends it attracts. You will be amazed at what happens next; truly.

That’s ultimately how to make lifelong friends in college while further tapping into your inborn power. This will bring you closer to living as the most complete version of yourself immediately.

How To Make Lifelong Friends In College Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X