How To Memorize Things Fast And Easily Now

People who can remember more things end up becoming stronger individuals. It’s that simple.

Now before we concern ourselves with memorizing more things we all need to be acutely aware of the ‘Curve of Forgetting’.

The Curve of Forgetting shows that five minutes after absorbing most types of information, many people can only recall small bits of it.

Then after an hour, two thirds of the information is lost. After a day has passed, 90 percent of the information most people take in during a day is gone.

However, the Curve of Forgetting can be slowed and even reversed with some easy-to-follow memory improvement techniques. This is truly how to memorize things fast and easily.

First, we need to better organize the information we are taking in if we want to better remember it. This can be accomplished with a technique called ‘Organized Recall.’

Technique #1: Organized Recall

Step A – Take in all of the information.

Step B – About five minutes later, in a place where you will not be disturbed, go over the main points of what you are trying to remember for about two minutes.

Step C – An hour later, repeat Step B.

Step D – Three hours later, repeat Step B again. Simply go over the information for about two minutes.

Step E – Six hours later, review the information again for two minutes. Then, that night before you go to sleep, review the material one last time.

Step F – Repeat steps A through E for the next two days. When you do this, you will gain control over the information, and it will be yours for the long term. This may seem like a lot of work, but there is a secret to it.

Now we may say to ourselves, “I’m not going to go through all those steps for three straight days.”

However let’s think about it for a minute. If we review the material six times a day, for two minutes, for three straight days, that means we’re reviewing the material 18-20 times for two minutes each time.

That is only 40 minutes total to take complete control of the information.

Now let’s ask ourselves about how much time we spend studying or cramming last minute to remember facts and information for a test or presentation. It is usually more than 40 minutes.

Also, most people don’t have a solid grasp of the information after they  finish with a single lengthy study session because it’s the repetition that makes the information stick. That’s why using Organized Recall is the best way to go.

Technique #2: A & S Memory Strength

The first part of ‘A & S Memory Strength’ is Acronyms. This works by finding or making up a word or name and using the letters of that word or name to join information together.

Example A: HOMES (a word used to remember the Great Lakes)
H: Huron
O: Ontario
M: Michigan
E: Erie
S: Superior

Example B: SWEN (a made-up word to remember directions)
S: South
W: West
E: East
N: North

Example C: ROY G. BIV (a made-up name to remember the colors of the Rainbow)

R: Red
O: Orange
Y: Yellow
G: Green
B: Blue
I: Indigo
V: Violet

The second part of A & S Memory Strength is Sentences. This works by making up a sentence and using the first letter of each word to join information together.

Example A:
(To remember the 9 planets in our solar system)

** Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

Sentence: My Very Educated Mother Just Sold Us Nine Pies.

Example B:
(To remember the 7 classifications of living things)

** Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

Sentence: King Philip Can Only Find his Green Slippers.

When using this technique it’s best to be as wild and creative as you can when creating your acronyms and sentences for memory enhancement. The crazier they are, the easier they will be to remember.

The key is to have fun with it. How to memorize things fast and easily is very much about keeping everything light and enjoyable.

Techniques #3: Built-In 10-Point

This is very important when learning how to memorize things fast and easily. Let’s say we’re working on a list of information that we want to memorize.

We can use our Built-In 10-point Memory sheet to help us recall the information quickly and easily.

The premise behind this technique is to simply place the information on fixed parts of our bodies so it will be there when we need to recall it.

Now, when placing the information on parts of our bodies, it’s good to exaggerate because the more bizarre or outlandish we get, the more our brains will take note and store the information away for better recall.

When using this technique we’re going to be literally remembering information from the ground up and attaching it to parts of our body.

Here are the ten body parts we will be using:

# 1: FEET
# 2: KNEES
# 4: BUTT
# 5: WAIST
# 7: NECK
# 8: FACE
# 9: Top of HEAD
# 10: HALO (the space right above our head)

Now, let’s say we have an American history test coming up and we need to remember a list of information.

Let’s use the following list as an example of what we need to remember: the Liberty Bell, the Ford “Model T” Car, George Washington, the Berlin Wall, Muhammad Ali, the U.S. Constitution, Bald Eagle, Mt. Rushmore, Elvis Presley, and the Space Shuttle.

O.K., now we’re going to associate the list of information we need to remember with the ten body parts we laid out earlier. Like this:

1) the Liberty Bell. Imagine the Liberty Bell on your FEET. You’re kicking it around, and it’s rolling in circles as a rolling bell would. Keep on kicking the Liberty Bell with your FEET.

2) the Ford “Model T” Car. Imagine that you are racing “The Ford Model T Car” while you’re crawling on your KNEES. The car is so slow that you win the race on your KNEES. Keep racing the “The Ford ‘Model T’ Car” on your KNEES.

3) George Washington. Picture bouncing old George Washington on your THIGHS as if he were a kid and you were Santa at Christmas. Keep on bouncing George Washington up and down on your THIGHS.

4) the Berlin Wall. Imagine that The Berlin Wall is on your BUTT and you hear the order to, “Tear down that wall,” and then you blow a huge rippling fart and the entire wall comes crashing down. Keep on farting while The Berlin Wall comes crashing down off your BUTT.

5) Muhammad Ali. Picture that you beat the great boxing champion Muhammad Ali and won his championship belt. Now you wear it around your WAIST. Raise your hands in the air as you look over a defeated Muhammad Ali while wearing his championship belt around your WAIST.

6) the U.S.S Constitution. Imagine that you helping the legendary battleship The U.S.S Constitution as it sails into the dock by carrying it on your SHOULDERS. Keep on carrying The U.S.S Constitution on your SHOULDERS.

7) Bald Eagle. Picture that you are being attacked by a Bald Eagle and it is pecking on your NECK. Keep on being pecked by the Bald Eagle on the NECK.

8) Mt. Rushmore. Picture that Mt. Rushmore has one more smiling FACE carved into it along with the other historical faces: yours. Keep on picturing Mt. Rushmore with your smiling FACE.

9) Elvis Presley. Imagine that Elvis Presley is singing and dancing ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD. Keep on picturing Elvis Presley shaking, rattling, and rolling ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD.

10) the Space Shuttle. Visualize The Space Shuttle flying in circles around your head like a HALO. Keep on imagining The Space Shuttle circling above your head like a HALO.

Now you have all of the information listed and linked to your body. Let’s take a quick quiz now after only reading the list once. Don’t forget this isn’t even your list.

You will be much more likely to remember your own Built-In 10-Point Body List, but let’s give it try.

What information is on your THIGHS?
What information is on your NECK?
What information is on your FACE?

Can you remember?

Here are a few hints:

Your THIGHS are bouncing.
Your NECK is being attacked.
Your FACE is carved in stone.

Can you remember the three things? I’m sure you can. That’s ultimately how to memorize things fast and easily while further tapping into our inborn power.

This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Practice the above memory improvement techniques three times in a row and record your results.

These techniques work, but you need to practice them over and over again. That’s how to memorize things fast and easily now.

How To Memorize Things Fast And Easily Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X