How To Navigate A New Relationship Now

Every romantic relationship that sets sail for the land of love, trust, and intimacy is destined to encounter many hazards that all have the potential of sinking the ship.

These hazards range from small obstacles such as bad weather (silly arguments), to medium-sized obstructions such as other ships passing by (occasional flirting with other people), to the most deadly danger of all; ICEBERGS.

An iceberg is incredibly hazardous because it has the potential to sink any relationship. The full destructive capability of an iceberg is unknown. The reason for that is only a fraction of its total size can be spotted above the water.

This means the much larger portion of the iceberg under the surface is what poses fatal danger to the relationship. That is why when we set sail in a romantic relationship we must take even the smallest iceberg tip seriously.

That’s the key to understanding how to navigate a new relationship.

Icebergs come in a variety of shapes and all of them have the strength to sink a new relationship. That is why I have put together the following ‘Directory of Icebergs’.

It illustrates what the tips of certain icebergs look like from the decks of a romantic relationship.

This directory will help us spot and navigate around some of the most common icebergs. Some people choose to ignore iceberg warnings which causes their romantic relationships to suffer gravely.

This suffering happens because spotting the tip of an iceberg will only show us the beginning of something far more dreadful.

Never underestimate the tip of a potential relationship sinking iceberg. It’s the most important aspect of how to navigate a new relationship.

The Insensitive Iceberg:

This iceberg first pops above water when one person in the relationship decides to do things like continually talk or text on their phone for no reason.

The tips of icebergs like this may seem trivial at first.

However, if they don’t think anything is wrong with needless calls or texts that’s a major sign of things to come. It’s a glimpse into their general insensitivity.

Sooner or later these types of behaviors will flood into every part of the relationship. That is why it is so important to not ignore iceberg tips like the insensitive iceberg.

Once the tip of this iceberg becomes visible it gets bigger very quickly with more acts of insensitivity. This iceberg usually ends up sinking romantic relationships more often than any other.

Beware of even the smallest sign of insensitivity at take action against it immediately.

The Casual Liar Iceberg:

This iceberg’s tip can be spotted when someone continuously tells outlandish stories which seem to be taken straight from a Hollywood script.

We may hear highly unlikely tales and think little of them.

However those seemingly harmless stories are the tip of a mammoth casual liar iceberg. Some people think nothing of using casual lies to make themselves appear more popular, adventurous or exciting.

Yet casual liars rarely stop with mere stories of exaggerated personal glory.

Telling casual lies is a lot like gambling. The more it is done successfully, the more ‘the teller’ is compelled to repeat the behavior with higher stakes.

Then, as the casual lies continue to grow they expand into almost every section of the relationship.

That is why all individuals involved in a new relationship must search for even the smallest tip of a casual liar iceberg.

If several casual liar iceberg warnings are ignored the relationship will end up treading water after it strikes the colossal liar iceberg which is soon to follow.

At that point, it’s all over.

The Selfish Taker Iceberg:

This iceberg is the most common hazard that plagues romantic relationships.

The reason a selfish taker iceberg is so prevalent is that its tip can be spotted in a wide variety of everyday behaviors.

The following are a few examples of the ways in which a person first exposes the tip of a selfish taker iceberg.

*  He or she always ends up getting the better seat on an airplane. Or they rush to get the better spot on an amusement park ride. Or they are quick take the movie theater seat with the better view. Or they always want the best restaurant seat. Or they seemingly always slip into the clearest space during something spontaneous like a street performance.

* He or she complains and angles for payback when doing things that are not his or her choice. They also never want to compromise when planning activities like a weekend getaway or a holiday ritual.

* He or she self-righteously implies that intimate acts should be done in a certain way and gives commands during intimate moments. This type of selfish intimacy also includes a reluctance to try anything new. Furthermore it also includes an unwillingness from him or her to equally reciprocate acts of intimacy (massages, etc).

Finally selfish intimacy also brings an attitude of sexual possession. This materializes in constant public groping, bragging about past sexual conquests, and a compulsion towards jealousy.

These examples of icebergs are very dangerous to any romantic relationship. They are just a tiny representation of the ways in which a small singular behavior can expose a person’s subconscious tendencies.

That is why we must never dismiss hurtful behavior from our partners in a romantic relationship.

We need to always be aware of the potential monstrosity that lies under the surface when the tip of an iceberg is visible.

This is truly how to navigate a new relationship while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Make a quick list of any iceberg tips that you ignored in your past romantic relationships. Be as clear as possible and describe when you first noticed these icebergs.

* Name two people who you were in a relationship with and the iceberg tip that you ignored.

* After reviewing your answers above, list how you felt as each iceberg in your romantic relationships became bigger and how you won’t let that happen again.

How To Navigate A New Relationship Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X