How To Never Ever Quit (Poem)

When stuff goes wrong as it often will

When the car breaks down while you’re driving uphill

When money is low and the bills are high

And you want to play, but instead you cry

When the world pushes you around a bit

Take a break if you need, but never ever quit

Life gets tough when the seasons turn

As mostly all of us eventually learn

And often a failure comes to town

When you could have won had you stayed your ground

Don’t give in as the growth slows down

You may breakthrough in the very next round

Winning is losing flipped upside down

Doubt inside turned completely around

And it’s hard to know when the end is near

It could be soon just covered in fear

So hang on tight when you’re painfully hit

Those are the moments you must never ever quit.

MORAL OF THE POEM: Quitting is for the weak. We owe it to ourselves to push through until we tap into our inborn power. So let’s hang in there and never ever quit.

How To Never Ever Quit (Poem)
– Written by Motivational Joe X