How To Party In College Starting Now

Partying, cutting loose, and learning how to bond with others socially are just as important as anything else in college.

Make no mistake that partying is indeed a life skill and it cannot be ignored; because if we overdue it, or under due it, our overall college experience will suffer greatly.

That’s why learning how to party in college is so important. In fact it’s so critical that for every class paper we write and for every exam we take; we must also be as diligent in learning the better aspects of partying to be considered well-rounded college students.

It may sound a little crazy, but fully understanding how to party in college is so important that every student should prove they have progressed through all four levels of college partying before they can graduate.

The college party levels are as follows and each of them are important and rewarding in their own ways:

The 4 Levels Of College Partying

Level 1 – The Newbie Party Pee-Wee:

This is the starting level for all college partying. A Newbie usually begins their partying career by attending the parties that are heavily advertised or promoted around campus.

Newbie party-goers tend to hang around the outskirts of the party action searching for familiar clusters of fellow Newbies to hang out with.

Newbies also often boast about “wild” parties from their past and usually have an ongoing mental counter of how many drinks they have consumed over the course of the party.

Overall, Newbies just try to fit in and build a solid party reputation any way they can.

Key Newbie Behaviors: Getting to a party before it really starts and either leaving early, passing out, or puking before everyone else shows up.

Level 2 – The Party Train Passenger:

All aboard the party train. A Passenger on the college Party Train goes to any party, anywhere, anytime, with any number of friends, and celebrates as if it were the greatest holiday on earth.

Party Train Passengers move up from simply attending parties to being an intricate part of the parties. Riding the Party Train to a lot of parties in a short amount of time is the foundation of level 2.

Level 2 is what separates the students who really want to progress through all the college party levels from the ones who just can’t handle it.

Key Party Train Passenger Behaviors: Very late sleeper from all the partying and wild 3-5AM caller/texter.

Level 3 – The Party Train Conductor:

The Party Train Conductor runs the party. It’s that simple. Conductors are at the heart of any party and they know exactly how to handle it.

While a student is in level 3 they come to understand that a party isn’t just a place to go; it’s a mindset that travels with them wherever they go. Small party or large party, it doesn’t matter to a Party Train Conductor because they are at the controls leading the way.

Time, weather, or money, no party barrier can block a dedicated Conductor.

Key Party Train Conductor Behaviors: Leads by example with no excuses needed. Finds a way to get everything in their lives done with time left over to run the party.

Level 4 – The Golden Party God:

Been there, done that. A Golden God has repeatedly experienced the zenith of college partying and has emerged stronger and wiser because of it.

Party Gods are worshiped by Newbies, idolized by Train Passengers, and respected by Conductors.

Golden Party Gods accept the inevitability of their college party retirement, but can be seen sporadically finishing their partying career while also offering advice to Newbie’s coming up .

Key Golden Party God Behaviors: Enhanced respect and dedication for academics. Keeper of the intangible honor that binds all college partying.

The Main Partying In College Philosophy:

Partying is a microcosm of life. Students who can give 110% of themselves in their work, in their relationships, and at parties will succeed in most everything they do.

Partying on a regular basis helps to open students up to meeting new people and developing very important social skills. Partying also shows students how vital it is to develop relationships with their peers outside of the classroom/work environment.

Those who can relax when it is time to relax, party when it’s time to party, and work hard when it is time to work hard are the ones who truly succeed in life.

That’s ultimately how to party in college while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Write down the three most positive character traits you have learned from being involved in college partying.


Now, think hard as to how those traits have positively affected other aspects of your life. How are you a more well-rounded person because of the traits you have discovered at college parties? I know it sounds lame, but be honest with your answers.

This will give you a glimpse as to how you are positively evolving as a person by progressing through the college partying levels. It will also show you how important it is to keep going. Party on.


How To Party In College Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X