How To Predict Possibilities Now (Speech)


I bet at some point today or tomorrow you’re going to become irritated.

Can we agree that is a fair statement to make?

What I’m not able to predicate is how you are going to respond to that irritation.

Are you going to see it as a PROBLEM or a POSSIBILITY?

This is very important because real successful people see possibilities where most other people only see problems. That’s why you need to be ‘possibility sighted’.

Imagine yourself as an oyster in the ocean. Then one day a single tiny pebble finds its way into your shell. The pebble is infinitesimal, however it’s a source of pain and irritation to your soft oyster body.

Now considering you’re an oyster and not a human you don’t have hands to rid yourself of this problem.

So instead you seek to reduce the irritation of the pebble by coating it in layers of a soft iridescent mother-of-pearl type substance from within your shell.

Finally, over a period of time that irritation you once had is now a stunning pearl of immense value.

Now from this day forward when you’re irritated are you going to focus on the
problem or the possibility?

Are you going to sit around and complain about your “pebble” or are you going to get to work on turning it into a pearl?

Problems are just possibilities in disguise. It’s time for you to make a pearl today so you can soon start living as the most complete version of yourself.

How To Predict Possibilities Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X