How To Read Faster And More Efficiently Now

Reading faster and comprehending more of the information we absorb through reading is one of the major keys to success.

The average person reads about 300 words a minute with little or no reading training at all. However, we’re not looking to be average.

The truth is we can easily start reading and comprehending between 30%-50% faster and more effectively simply by correcting some bad reading habits that most of us exhibit.

That is why I have put together the following checklist to help everyone correct the three most common bad reading habits. It’s time to learn how to read faster and more efficiently now.

This is critically important because recognizing our bad reading habits will help us to correct them quickly while also allowing us to deeply understand how to read faster and more efficiently now.

Bad Reading Habit #1: Sentence Regressions

Regressions are incredibly time consuming and pose a serious roadblock to our hopes of reading more effectively.

Regressions are when we keep going back over sentences we have already read. Initially, readers re-read sentence after sentence because they want to clarify everything as best they can before moving forward.

This seems to make sense because in our early school years we were taught to “Read slowly and carefully” and not to go too fast.

That does sounds like a good idea, but intentionally reading slowly makes it easy to continually go back over what we just read sentence by sentence which simply isn’t efficient.

More often than not, re-reading sentence after sentence only aids in wasting time and it can also make the entire section seem more confusing.

Correcting Bad Reading Habit #1: Re-Read Sections, Not Sentences

Re-reading random sentences doesn’t allow our eyes and brain to fall into a reading flow. Rather than consistently re-reading random sentences, continue reading until the section is completed.

Then, re-read the entire section again from the beginning if need be. When we do this correctly we’ll cut down on the overall reading time because when we re-read an entire section it usually clears up the confusion in any single sentence.

Doing this may seem like it’s extending the reading time because we’re re-reading some material we fully understood the first time, but that’s not the case.

We’ll actually be gaining time overall because we’ll allow our eyes and brain to fall into a reading flow rather than constantly stopping and starting.

The key is to let our eyes flow over the entire section instead of digging up the confusing words or phrases sentence by sentence.

Also, to help stop reading regressions sentence by sentence it’s a good idea to run a finger across the words as we read them to help us stay on track.

Because when we have a finger guiding us across the page, it makes it harder to continually regress over the sentences we have just read.

The finger gliding across the words acts is a physical  embodiment of the flow to which our eyes and brains are connected.

This is very important in how to read faster and more efficiently.

Bad Reading Habit #2: Reading Engine

Revving our reading engine is when we feel the compulsion to move, jitter, or gyrate in some way when we read.

Examples are: tapping a pencil, shaking our foot, moving the book around, flicking our hair, etc.

Doing these seemingly innocent actions affects our reading flow more than most people think.

All those movements actually end up costing us time and comprehension by throwing off our flow and making us stop reading more frequently than we otherwise would.

Correcting Bad Reading Habit #2: Turn Off Our Reading Engine

Turning off our reading engine allows us to fall into a steady reading flow by freeing our brain from having to process unneeded stimuli.

The following is a quick list of tips to turn off our reading engines. At the very least these tips will quiet our reading engines until we are fully aware of how much we feel the need to move while reading.

Then, we will be better able to catch ourselves during our movements and stop them cold.

• Sit-up and read with legs crossed while leaning against a wall or bed holding the book with two hands.

• Lay stomach down and read with both hands on the book while sticking both feet under a pillow.

• Read with another person nearby who is monitoring and recording every little move, bounce, and tap they see.

Then, after about an hour ask to see the list of movements. Seeing a list of exactly how many movements we make while reading can shock us into being extremely aware of our reading engine and better able to turn it off.

This tip is incredibly important and cannot be skipped when learning how to read faster and more efficiently.

Bad Reading Habit #3: Reading Ventriloquist

A reading ventriloquist is someone who moves their lips or actually mumbles the words as they read.

This habit is very hard to break because reading ventriloquists are accustomed to reading while also hearing the words so they can picture everything in their minds.

This habit takes up an enormous about of time and slows down our ability to read more than any other.

Correcting Bad Reading Habit #3: Push Past The Ventriloquist

To counteract the need to form sounds from every word we read, we must try reading faster than we can speak.

Our brain already knows the vast majority of words we are reading; so continually saying them as we read only costs us time. We do not need to keep teaching ourselves word by repeating them thousands of times.

Instead we can just place a finger across our mouth as we read and push ourselves through the words without moving our lips. We just need to keep going until our reading rate and fastest speaking rate are the same.

Then, we can begin to push ourselves past that rate for short intervals in order to get faster and faster. If at any time we catch ourselves moving our lips, we should stop reading and take a breath.

Then we can to continue reading with a finger across our mouth at a slower pace and work our way back up to a steady, faster rate.

We all must think of reading as if it were a muscle in our body. Exercise it, and it will become stronger and faster. Neglect it, and it will simply deteriorate.

That’s ultimately how to read faster and more efficiently while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Of the three Bad Reading Habits listed above, which one do you find yourself doing the most?

Take the Bad Habit from above that you find yourself doing most often and practice the correction three times.

You must take notes on why the Bad Habit is slowing you down and how the correction is making you a better reader.

This way you will make yourself more aware of how you are reading, which will allow you to clear up the bad reading habit as quickly as possible.

That’s truly how to read faster and more efficiently now.

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How To Read Faster And More Efficiently Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X