How To Reduce Stress At Work Starting Now

People say that if someone is completely stress-free at work that they’re probably dead.

Of course that is not true, but most people carry around much more than their share of stress at work which eventually leads them to die sooner than they would otherwise.

That is why I have identified these seven tips to reduce stress at work now instead of dying from it later. Here’s how to reduce stress at work now.

Tip #1: “Incorporate The Law Of 21”

If we really want to create change for the better at work we need to take action on it for 21 days in a row so it will become a habit.

That’s right; if we exercise, read, get up a little early, take vitamins, drink water, etc. for 21 straight days, our bodies and minds will become so accustomed to that behavior it will begin to accept it as a natural habit.

That’s when reducing stress at work can become as easy as breathing. Pick two new habits you want to include into your work day and start making them habits starting now.

Tip #2: “Re-learn To Breathe”

Somewhere along the path through the stress jungle of work a lot of people forget how to breathe properly.

Most people don’t even realize that they generally take short, quick, shallow breaths until they are so low on oxygen they gasp in an overflow.

That’s bad news because taking shallow breaths prevents our brains from getting all of the oxygen it requires.

Thus forcing our brains to work on minimal air until the inevitable gush of gasped air comes rushing through which creates a temporary spike in vitality.

It’s this constant low oxygen to overload oxygen phenomenon which causes a great deal of stress on our bodies at work.

That’s why we need to get our bodies and minds out of the stress jungle of work and back into balance by practicing these quiet and focused deep breathing exercises:

• In a calm place, close your eyes and push all the air in your lungs out through your mouth.

Then with your shoulders pushed back and your chest pressed out focus on fully inhaling through your nose until your belly completely expands and then fill your lungs totally to the top.

• Next as you come to the end of your inhale with your eyes still closed, pause for about three seconds and feel the fullness of the oxygen in your body.

• Then don’t huff-out the exhale. Instead gently exhale the air in a controlled manor through your mouth which needs to be in a relaxed jaw “hoooooo” position.

Remember to keep exhaling until you feel your stomach press all the way in. Then gently open your eyes.

• Finally, repeat this process three or four times. If you feel light headed, stop.

This deep breathing technique will help you to regain your mind/body balance in any stressful situation at work.

This is very important when discovering how to reduce stress.

Tip #3: “Work Life Isn’t Fair”

It doesn’t matter how privileged, lucky, or fortunate someone may seem in life or at work. In the end everyone pays their worldly dues in their own way.

It may be hard at times to see past any physical, intellectual, economic, or connection advantages that some individuals possess at work.

However, we must keep in mind that every seemingly charmed person whom we encounter at work will eventually have to pay up a lump sum of life dues.

Until that time comes our work life isn’t going to be fair. That’s just how it is. So in the meantime we need to make sure we do the very best with what we have, create our own opportunities, and know that our time to excel is coming fast.

Tip #4: “Get Off The Radar”

Every so often we need to intentionally get off the radar at work by leaving our cell phones, computers, watches, and other devices at our desks while we go to a park, eat a healthy snack, walk through a museum, or visit a bookstore, etc.

Even if it’s only for an hour; this needs to be done. We need time to just go and be by ourselves with no distractions, no to-do lists, and no schedules.

Getting off the radar for a little while allows us to re-connect with the big picture, re-energize our minds, and greatly reduces our stress at work.

Get off the radar now.

Tip #5: “Choose Battles Wisely”

Don’t fight the world at work by taking a battering ram to every issue. That’s a recipe for major stress.

Instead we must take frustrating issues as they come and then decide which ones are really worth our precious time and energy.

We need to never forget that our time and energy are our most valuable assets at work. Also let’s not interpret letting a “battle” go without a fight as weakness.

It is not a weakness, it’s a strength. How truly strong and smart is the person who battles every issue at work just to eventually turn around and notice how far behind they have fallen?

Don’t let that happen.

Choose battles wisely and don’t be afraid to let an issue go sometimes. The more stress we reduce for ourselves now the more strength we’ll have to battle the really important issues later.

Tip # 6: “Stop Calling 911

Nothing we do at work is an emergency. Period.

It doesn’t matter how many responsibilities we have or how many tasks we have to do today. Because if we die in our sleep tonight work will go on without us tomorrow very easily.

That’s why we all need to ease up on ourselves at work.

Remember in 100 years there will be an entirely new set of people on this planet and even the greatest achievements of today will be long gone.

So don’t get stressed to death at work now over some emails, or procedures, or quotas, or meetings. Just keep everything in perceptive and the stress will melt away.

Tip # 7: “Choose Kindness Over Self-Righteousness”

Some people spend their entire work lives insisting their opinion is the right one only to end up being disliked by everyone. Don’t be one of those people.

In the end the more we push our need to be right the less compassion other people will have for us. And gaining compassion from others is very important for reducing stress.

Remember that our individual opinions on a given issue are simply those among many differing opinions. Our opinions are not right, and they are not wrong; they’re simply ours.

That applies to everyone. If we do not accept other people’s opinions along with ours we’ll be unhappy, stressed-out, and lonely. So choose kindness over self-righteousness at work today.

That’s ultimately how to reduce stress at work while further tapping into our inborn power.

This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Reduce Stress At Work Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X