How To Set Goals To Get What We Want Now

In all of the research I’ve done on high level achievers I’ve found six steps which must be implemented in order to bring any goal into reality.

The bad news is these six steps are non-negotiable.

The good news is nothing within any of these six steps is difficult to do. So here are the six steps for how to set goals to get what we want now.


Whether the goal is to be in better physical shape, have more money, quit smoking, etc, we must take the first step to declare the goal publicly and tell the world (or just our friends and family) exactly what we intend to accomplish.

The single act of verbally expressing a goal to others makes it come alive and instantly transforms the goal into an obtainable reality. This first step is monumentally important because of the basic fact that if we cannot bring ourselves to declare our goal to other people, it shows we simply don’t want that goal bad enough yet. Because an undeclared goal is nothing but wish.

Another benefit of declaring goals to others is that once we declare the goal it’s now harder for us to slack off or procrastinate. It’s just simply more difficult for us to become lazy towards our goals if other people know they exist.

Because when our goals are real they are harder for us to ignore; and declaring our goals makes them real. This is very important in how to set goals to get what we want now.


The main reason why most people fail to obtain their goals is because they simply lose leverage and resolve. They become complacent.

That is why we must enlist the aid of at least three supportive people to provide continuous encouragement throughout our quest to achieve our goals.

The support we need in hopes of achieving our goals can be found in a combination of friends, co-workers, family, and coaches. When we recruit help in pursuit of our goals we should not solely rely on our spouse or best friend.

The strength of this step is in the continuous contact with supportive people in addition to those we communicate with most. We need to do this because expanding our contact with influential positive people is critical in how to set goals to get want we want.

Lastly, it’s common for someone we recruit to help us with our goals to get so inspired that they also declare a goal and begin working towards it.

That’s when everything gets bumped to the next level because it allows each person to positively feed off the other while collectively proceeding towards all the goals.


In order for us to keep our confidence high and our momentum strong while attempting to realize a goal we must break our long-term goals down into smaller individual missions.

Doing this enables us to continually feel the rush of excitement and satisfaction when a mission is completed rather than consistently experiencing guilt or disappointment when our long-term goal seems so far away and unobtainable regardless of our efforts.

Example – Long-Term Goal:
“I want to deposit an extra $500 in my savings by the end of next month.”

Example – Short Mission:
“I’m going to conduct a budget analysis and keep track of every dime I spend for the next month to see where I can save money continuously.”


This is the step that separates the serious goal seekers from the excuse makers.

Because all serious goal seekers must keep a strict calendar or planner to schedule their missions and record their progress. It’s that simple and there’s no way around it.

If someone is truly determined to accomplish their goals they will:

A) Schedule the smallest missions by writing them down in a
planner or on a calendar.

B) Keep the mission schedule short and ultra specific.
Example: “Exercise: stretching, treadmill, free weights.”

C) Always underestimate how long the missions will take to accomplish. This will give added motivation when we find out we have worked longer than we anticipated.

Schedule Example: ‘The Lose 10 Pounds Goal’
Exercise: stretching (10 minutes) + treadmill (15 minutes) + free-weights (30 minutes). Total workout time = 55 minutes.”

Step 5: THE GREAT EQUALIZER (Establishing a Goal Fund)

The Great Equalizer is a solemn pact we make with ourselves and then share it with a supportive second party.

This pact states that we’ll give a sum of money to the second party in order to establish a ‘Goal Fund’ for whenever continued procrastination is exhibited on our behalf towards the accomplishment of our short-term missions.

The magic behind a goal fund is that it gives us a physical example of how much it is costing us whenever we fail to stay focused on our short-term missions.

Ultimately, the goal fund will be held by the second party to donate to a good cause if we completely embrace mediocrity by giving up on your goal; or the sum will remain relatively small until we obtain our goal.

Then, once our goal has been obtained we can transform the goal fund into a celebration account to purchase an item that will aid us in achieving our future goals.

The essence of the great equalizer strategy becomes apparent when we are asked the question, “If you had to bet on one of two people who were both chasing a similar objective; wouldn’t you bet on the one with the most at stake?”

Here’s an example: Let’s say people are swimming from one side of a lake to the other. Both individuals can swim equally well and both have had just about the same amount of racing experience. Who would you bet your money on? It’s a tough wager, right?

Now let’s say swimmer one was only racing for his own satisfaction and the thrill of competition, but swimmer two noticed that his beloved family dog was on the other side of the lake being chased by a madman with an axe who clearly wanted to hurt him. Who would you bet your money on now, swimmer one or swimmer two?

For most people the fear of losing twenty dollars is a stronger motivator than the benefits of obtaining a huge life changing goal someday.

That’s why the great equalizer is such an incredibly strong step and why we should start betting on ourselves now.

Step 6: ACT AS IF

No matter what our goal may be, the best way for us to avoid becoming discouraged while we pursue it is to simply act as if we have already achieved it.

By ‘Acting As If’ the goal has been accomplished, we will naturally assume successful and confident characteristics which will continually reaffirm our positive outlook and greatly enhance the probability of actually achieving the goal.

Whenever we act the way we want to become, we will most certainly become the way we act. The key to ‘Acting As If’ is in the action. Now read the next sentence three  times.

‘Actions change attitudes, movements change moods, and motion changes emotions.’

Simply put, when we ‘Act As If’ with our body, our mind will follow and we’ll be better equipped to obtain our goals. Period.

That’s ultimately how to set goals while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

1) Declare your goal(s) clearly and realistically.

2) Who will you recruit help from towards your goal(s)?

3) List 2 short missions you will undertake to bring you closer to your goal.

4) What are the time frames for your two short missions?

5) Outline the details of your Goal Fund. Who will be monitoring it? What amount of money will you put into it to start? What amount of money will you put into it each time you fail to make progress towards your goal? And by what date do you need to show progress towards your goal or be forced to add more money to the Goal Fund?

6) List 2 behaviors you will display as though you have already reached your goal(s).

How To Set Goals To Get What We Want Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X