How To Shut Up Your Critics Starting Now

Ever notice that a critic gets much more attention when they criticize something negatively than they do if they praise that same thing positively?

That is the fundamental factor of a critic’s world. Now I ask what kind of person would be attracted to that kind of world?

The answer is critics do not become negative or pessimistic people, but rather negative or pessimistic people become critics. So why do we continually let them get under our skin?

Well, it all starts for most people when they break out on their own and say, “Screw It” to the pressure of doing what society expects.

This is when people finally gather the courage to take a stand and begin to follow their path towards true happiness through creative expression.

It’s also when the critics of the world take notice because someone is being crazy enough to try something new.

When we find ourselves in this situation we officially become one of the crazy ones. A crazy one is someone who can visualize an idea and have the guts to develop that image into reality.

The secret behind what the crazy ones know is that first they are called crazy, and then they are rewarded for their vision down the line.

However, before that happens they need to make it past the critics who love to tear down those who are different. And that’s what the crazy ones are; they’re different.

Yet, most often it’s the people who are different that end up changing the world. They’re the ones who toil vigorously, sometimes for months or years until they discover a breakthrough.

They’re the ones who consistently make mistakes and need to start all over again. They’re the ones who who take major risks and often come up short.

However, they’re also the ones who are able to see those things as setbacks and not failures. They know it’s necessary to be wrong in order to end up being right in the end.

The crazy ones know all of this and yet they still carry on in the face of heavy criticisms.

On a daily basis, the crazy ones are misunderstood and labeled as geeks, dreamers or any other shade of weird just because they have the courage and the desire to follow the their vision.

Most people fear their visions and spend their lives avoiding them safe from the criticisms that follow; but not the crazy ones. The crazy ones stare that fear right in the face.

They have the courage to proceed forward straight through all the criticisms. It’s within that bravery where they learn how to shut up their critics once and for all.

Basically, the crazy ones are the people who think they can make this world a better place, but instead of worrying about fears and criticisms, they concentrate on generating positive results.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the judgmental critics who tear into the crazy ones every chance they get because they do not understand what it takes to put themselves out there in support of a vision.

Usually all critics are capable of doing is criticizing; and that’s what makes the crazy ones better people because they can do so much more.

For every crazy one who sticks their neck out to realize their vision and to push the human race forward, there will be a hundred critics waiting to pounce on them like a flock of vultures on a single slab of meat.

Not only will the critics tell a crazy one that their ideas won’t work, but they will also explain in excruciating detail why they think so in their own pompous, underachieving language.

This way they feel like they have created something too.

That’s how the critics get their kicks. They do not stick their necks out themselves, so they are relegated to praying on the crazy ones by telling them that their visions are “implausible and devoid of reputable substance,” or something like that.

Think about it, what qualifications does someone need to be a critic? They usually exhibit a large vocabulary and hopefully some level of knowledge within the topic they are criticizing, but other than that, what else do they really need?

The answer is nothing at all. That’s why it’s easy to shut up a critic, just ask them, “Show me what risks you’ve taken and what vision you’ve turned into a reality?”

Crazy ones will forever have a target painted on their backs saying, “Here I am. Criticize me.” There is nothing anyone can do to stop the criticisms, so we all might as well use them as fuel to turn visions into something epic.

That’s ultimately how to shut up your critics while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

* Action Step *

Always remember that throughout history there has never been a statue built to honor a critic. The honors and monuments of the world are reserved for those who are hopelessly different and proud to be called a Crazy One.

List three visions you have that make you a Crazy One:


You must take these visions and start a plan to create them into reality. Even if your visions don’t seem popular, they are parts of you that need to be expressed.

You now have permission to let these visions become a reality. Start it now.

How To Shut Up Your Critics Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X