How To Sign College Roommate Contract Now

(Prefix – College Roommate Contract)

* I (roommate #1) and I (roommate #2), promise to read and discuss the following College Roommate Contract in full right now.

* This College Roommate Contract is to be signed by both roommates with the understanding that neither individual is a perfect roommate.

*  This College Roommate Contract should be read, discussed, and signed with the utmost sincerity and mutual consideration from roommate to roommate.

* After a complete discussion of the College Roommate Contract both (roommate #1) and (roommate #2) will have the opportunity to sign it into law.

The Official College Roommate Contract

Fundamentally, a roommate is someone with whom one shares living space. However, in a college situation, roommates are much more than just two people who share living space.

A college roommate is someone with whom one works with to strive and succeed in the fast and mysterious world of campus life.

That means there’s a lot at stake so the potential issues between college roommates needs to be addressed and taken more seriously than with regular roommates.

In an effort to keep college roommate relations positive and productive, the College Roommate Contract consists of a Top 5 List of what NOT to do with, or to, your roommate. This is the foundation of how to sign a college roommate contract.

1) Do Not Buy Anything Together

Never split the cost of big appliances (TV, video game unit, speakers, computer, etc.) or smaller items (plates, clock, etc.).

The reason why you should never share the cost of any one item is that it is impossible to split up a TV equally at the end of the year. Even if you plan to live together next year, only bad things happen when roommates share the cost of an item.

The best way to go about purchasing items between roommates is for each person to completely pay for separate items of equal value. If one roommate buys the TV, and the other buys the speakers, at the end of the year there won’t be any questions regarding who owns what.

Furthermore, even when roommates go shopping for small items, they should never split the final bill in half. When roommates continually split receipts it gets very difficult to keep track of exactly which items belong to which roommate.

This usually culminates in an end-of-the-year haggling session where one roommate walks away with the stereo, while the other roommate is stuck with three cracked plates and a lava lamp. To avoid the arguments over who gets what at the end of the year, simply divide the items in half at the store register.

This way each roommate will know exactly what he or she has purchased.

2) Do Not Become Part Of The Furniture

When someone becomes part of the furniture it means they leave the room so infrequently that they appear to be stuck to the floor.

Nothing aggravates a roommate more than sharing a room with someone who is always there whenever he or she opens the door.

So whenever you have some time between classes, do not run back to the dorm room. Rather than becoming part of the furniture, explore the campus for new people, fresh locations, or old friends to hang out with for a while.

Otherwise, your roommate is going to get progressively more aggravated if you are constantly in the room whenever he or she open the door.

3) Do Not Become Attached Roommates

Are you and your roommate always together? Do other people constantly ask you, “So where is (your roommate’s name here)?”

If so, you must break free from that kind of attached perception and become your own person. Build a college identity outside of the one that you and your roommate share.

Once you have an identity all your own, other people will stop asking about your roommate and start paying more attention to you as an individual.

The main reason you do not want to be attached roommates is because no matter how good of a team you and roommate may be; it’s the students who establish their own identities who end up more successful in the long term.

So always remind yourself that at times it’s best to go out solo.

4) Do Not Neglect ‘The Talk’

The most important conversation that most roommates overlook is what we will refer to here as ‘The Talk.’ The Talk is a simple dialogue between roommate about what the procedure will be when one of them wants to have the room to themselves for sexual

The end result of The Talk is to have each roommate completely clear and in total agreement with the evacuation procedure in the event the other roommate is about to get lucky.

Whatever procedure both roommates agree upon (example: The classic sock on the doorknob, the texted code word, or the last second double locked door) should be viewed as a temporary plan of action and not a permanent law. Especially if only one roommate is getting lucky more regularly than the other.

Because it does not take long for a roommate to get really pissed and vengeful if he or she has to leave the room a bunch of times in a row so the other roommate can have sex.

Even if the roommate who is consistently leaving the room says he or she is okay with it; they are positively not okay with it. That’s a fact.

The best remedy for a frustrated roommate who does not want to surrender the room anymore is to simply be considerate of their situation.

If you and your roommate have gotten to the point where one of you is consistently leaving the room for the other, it is time to have The Talk again to work out the problems and to lay down some new guidelines.

During The Talk, keep in mind that no matter if you are the one who is getting lucky all the time, or if you are the one who is not, the situation could be flipped around very soon.

So use a lot of courtesy and only request from your roommate what you are willing to equally repay when the time comes.

Lastly, completely repaying your roommate for however many times he or she evacuates the room for you is mandatory.

When you ask your roommate for a 2:00 am room departure, make sure you have some place to go when they present you with that same request in return. Absolutely no excuses are tolerated when the situation comes back around.

The lowest form of life in the dorms is a roommate who doesn’t return a room departure request which was agreed upon during The Talk. Period.

5) Never Take Anything – Always Ask to Borrow

The most effective way to keep overall resentment from building between roommates is for each of you to never assume you can take something that does not belong to you.

Even if your roommate said it was okay to borrow a particular item in the past, that does not mean the same item is always free to take again the future. This may seem obvious, yet it is very often overlooked in everyday situations.

In the simplest terms, always ask your roommate each and every time you want to use something that belongs to them. Just sending them a quick text asking permission is critical for upholding the college roommate contact.

* Action Step *

By signing this College Roommate Contract each roommate agrees to follow the suggestions herein and demonstrate common courtesy toward each other at all times.

Once signed, this College Roommate Contract should be considered a legal document. A neutral witness is also required to serve as an impartial third party to assist in the clarification of any present misinterpretations and all future conflicts that may arise.

Please sign the how to deal with your college roommate contract:

Roommate #1

Roommate #2


How To Sign A College Roommate Contract Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X