How To Stop Being Hated Now (Speech)

Most people think rather highly of themselves, however the rest of the world may not always agree.

That’s why it’s important for you to understand exactly why other people may not like you very much.

It’s important to know this because if people don’t like you it’s going to be difficult to work with them and even harder to get their support in pursuit of your goals.

Here are the 12 basic reasons why other people may hate you and everything you do.

#1. If you open something, but don’t close it.

#2. If you turn something on, but don’t turn it off.

#3. If you unlock something, but don’t lock it.

#4. If you break something, but don’t fix it.

#5. If you mess something up, but don’t clean it.

#6. If you borrow something, but don’t return it.

#7. If you use something, but don’t take care of it.

#8. If you move something, but don’t put it back.

#9. If you don’t know how to use something, you go ahead and fiddle with it anyway.

#10. If something doesn’t concern you, you insert yourself and get involved anyway.

#11. If you’re right about something, you forget humility and gloat about it anyway.

#12. If you’re wrong about something, you never say you’re sorry.

Stop doing these 12 things now and you’ll be on your way to being liked, instead of secretly hated, instantly. This will make tapping into your inborn power much easier.

How To Stop Being Hated Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X