How To Stop Self Sabotage Starting Now

QUESTION: What is stopping you from getting what you REALLY want in life?

What’s preventing you from:

Getting fit?

Making more money?

Being more organized?

Winning more often?

What’s stopping you exactly? What’s standing in your way?

The answer is: YOU!

You’re what’s getting in the way. You’re your biggest problem. This is true for all of us.

QUESTION: What specifically keeps us from learning how to stop self sabotage?


Our feelings are what’s holding us up. Our feelings are keeping us stuck and away from what we really want in life. To prove it, I’d bet if you’re like most people you say these things to yourself often.

“I don’t feel like exercising.”

“I don’t feel like working.”

“I don’t feel like organizing.”

“I don’t feel like practicing.”

Now, think of how successful we would all be if we could rise above these types of temporary negative FEELINGS by transforming them.

QUESTION: How can we transform our feelings and learn how to stop self sabotage?

To start, let’s take right now for instance as I’m sure some of us are experiencing feelings such as:

“I don’t feel like working out today.”


“I don’t want to put in extra time at work or practice.”

We all think these types of things at times, but there’s a key to transforming those feelings as they occur and fully discovering how to stop self sabotage:


Yes, it takes ACTION to transform a feeling. That’s it! Feelings cannot transform themselves.

Sure, focusing to change our thoughts can get the transformation of our feelings started, but it takes a while to make it happen.

That’s why only ACTIONS CAN TRANSFORM FEELINGS IMMEDIATELY which is how to stop self sabotage.

When we sense a negative feeling coming on, we need to PUT OURSELVES IN ACTION.

We must make whatever actions are needed to vanquish the negative feeling. Even if it’s launching ourselves into a series of jumping jacks while singing our favorite song.

I know it sounds stupid, but a negative feeling doesn’t stand a chance when we bang out twenty quick jumping jacks while singing our favorite song.

That’s just how our bodies work. We can jump start them at any time. We simply need to take the right amount of positive action to do so. That’s really how to stop self sabotage.

Actions transforms attitudes.

Motions transforms emotions.

Movements transforms moods.

If we start doing this now our self sabotage will be gone forever.

That’s ultimately how to stop self sabotage while further tapping into our inborn power.

This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Stop Self Sabotage Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X