How To Supercharge Life Starting Now

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but learning how to supercharge our lives is EASY.

It all comes down to one thing: OUR FOCUS TURNS INTO OUR REALITY.

When we focus on the right things today, it supercharges our life tomorrow. And when we focus on the right things consistently we’ll find ourselves living a SUPERCHARGED life.

That’s the basics of how to supercharge your life now.

Our focus is the most important thing in our lives for success. So if we focus on crap today, how can our lives end up being anything other than crap?

That’s why we can’t focus on crap and expect a supercharged life. It just doesn’t work that way. That’s not at all how to supercharge your life.

If we really want supercharged lives we need to actively command and train our focus to get it.

Because, many people spend their entire lives letting their focus run wild and it turns their lives to crap.

I’m sure everyone has heard of people who have seriously injured themselves or even died because they were sending text messages while driving. That is a hardcore example of focusing on the wrongs things, but it makes my point.

Imagine two people who want to get in better shape and be more fit and healthy:

* The first person spends a lot of time focusing on how much they miss eating whatever they want and not exercising as much.

* The second person spends a lot of time focusing on how great it’s going to be when they reach their health and fitness goals.

Out of those two people which one would most likely end up living a supercharged life? Of course it’s the second person. Because that person is simply focusing on the right things. That’s how it works.

Now check out this riddle:

Read the following very closely because I’m going to attempt to get you to focus on the wrong thing.

And remember I’m warning you that I’m going to try and get you focused on the wrong thing. Everyday life won’t give you such a warning. Now here’s the riddle:

“Imagine you live in a major city like San Francisco, New York, or Miami and you work as a bus driver. At the first stop eleven people get on the bus. At the second stop eight people get on and four people off. And at the fourth and final stop, five people get on and nine people get off.”

Question: How old is the bus driver? (answer below)

If you did any math in your head at all you were focusing on the wrong thing. The right answer was in the first sentence. You’re the bus driver. How old are you?

Most people don’t get the answer to this riddle correct right away because they are focusing on the wrong thing.

That’s why our FOCUS IS OUR LIFE.

Okay, I know it isn’t much of a big deal to lose focus on little riddles like this one.

However, it’s a huge deal when we continually lose focus during our day to day life.

The best way to go about commanding and training our focus is to stop focusing on RESULTS and begin focusing on EFFORT. That’s really how to supercharge your life now.

We must stop concerning ourselves with what may happen, or what could result; and start focusing more on what we’re doing and how we can put better effort into it.

In the end if we focus only on results, we’ll end up getting stressed out and discouraged. However, if we focus on improving our daily efforts than we’ll eventually get the results we seek.

That’s ultimately how to supercharge life while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Supercharge Life Starting Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X