How To Use Credit Cards Correctly Now

Yesterday is a cashed check. Tomorrow is money not made. Today is ready cash.

Don’t be stupid with it because being in debt and owing money to a bank is nothing but modern day slavery.

Let’s face it. If credit cards were living, breathing people they would not be the polite, helpful, and upstanding citizens our banks make them out to be; rather they would be monstrously evil and heartless heroin dealers.

In the end if we do not take credit cards seriously they will maim and destroy our lives like a dirty heroin pusher. That is how we must view them if we are to learn how to use credit cards correctly.

Much like drug dealers, banks seek out young people and those who are in desperate situations and give them credit cards without ever warming warning them of the real life consequences or teaching them about their dangers.

Usually, the credit limit on most cards issued to young or desperate individuals is low and relatively safe at first.

However, it’s only relatively safe if the monthly bill is paid on time and if the balance is kept low. Otherwise the risks and penalties will rise quickly while the potential for danger dramatically increases.

Now if that doesn’t sound like a heroin dealer insuring his client base I don’t know what does. That’s why it’s time for all of us to figure out how to use credit cards correctly.

Much like a heroin dealer, the banks know that when they hand out credit cards, a certain amount of their clients will not fully understand what they have gotten themselves into.

The banks do however understand that some people will spend money rapidly until they max out their credit limit and then those people will be at their mercy.

Basically that’s the master plan of all banks so they skillfully do whatever it takes to ensure as many people as possible end up at their mercy.

It’s a rigged system that’s why learning how to use credit cards correctly is so critical.

Here We Go…

Firstly, we must take the banks and their credit cards extremely seriously.

They aim for  young people and those who are our in desperate situations and they plan ahead for the fact that many of them will get in over their heads with debt relatively quickly.

Then, if the person who’s in over their head with debt can’t get help from their family to clear it away; the bank has that person enslaved.

It could take many years and cost much more than what was originally charged to the credit card before that person works themselves free from the bank’s control.

That’s how the system is set up. Banks want to enslave us. They are the same as dirty heroin dealers so we must treat them as such.

We need to limit ourselves to one or two credit cards total. Credit card companies are little more than blood-sucking thieves that want to silently encourage us to charge everything we can by making it seem as if we are not spending real money.

Then they turn around and hit us with just how real the money is with added interest costs, annual fees, late charges, and over-the-limit penalties.

Next it gets even worse when the credit card companies assume we don’t know the difference between a credit card and a Christmas card by throwing individual store cards at us.

Store credit cards are even more dangerous than regular cards because they influence our buying decisions by only being acceptable at one store. It’s crazy. At that point the credit card is practically telling us where to spend our money.

We’re nothing more than puppets to the banks which are in bed with the stores to get us in debt and enslaved. That’s why there is no practical reason to ever get a store credit card. Even if they give 10%-30% off on the first purchase, it’s still not worth it.

Especially since all the major credit cards are accepted just about everywhere anyway. Don’t get store credit cards. They’re just another way for the banks to get us in debt and enslaved.

Lastly, one of the best-kept secrets regarding credit cards is the secret behind annual fees. Many people ask “Why do some credit cards require an annual fee while others do not?”

The big secret that the banks don’t want us to know is that annual fees on regular cards only apply to people who are willing to pay them.

That’s why we must simply demand that our annual fee be dropped by asking; “Why should I pay an annual fee when there are a dozen other credit cards that will provide the exact same service without an annual fee?”

Despite all of the pitfalls that are associated with credit cards, they are a necessity and we need to use them to build a strong credit history for ourselves.

When we apply for a credit card the most important thing to look out for is the finance or interest rate.

Most cards start out with a competitive introductory interest rate that will balloon up to 30% if we miss a payment or our monthly payment is late once or twice.

That is why we all must read our credit card statements fully each month.

The best way to use credit cards and keep interest charges low is to clear as much of the balance every month as possible. Always avoid paying the monthly minimum of $20 or so.

That is exactly what the credit card companies want us to do so they can hit us with high interest charges on our remaining balance.

At that point our minimum payment will get eaten up by interest until only a few dollars goes towards the balance and the remaining money goes straight into the bank’s pocket.

It’s easy to see how many people get in serious debt very quickly with credit cards. Not only is it too easy to spend money we don’t have, but it’s also extremely difficult to keep our head above water as the interest fees compound down on us each month.

We must begin treating our credit cards with the same sensitively we would treat a very dangerous situation. Credit cards and the banks that back them are not our friends. They will turn on us and enslave us in a second if they get the chance.

Be aware. Stay informed. Spend smart money.

That’s ultimately how to use credit cards while further tapping into our inborn power.
This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Use Credit Cards Correctly Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X