How To Utilize The Law Of Attraction Now

First off, yes the Law Of Attraction is a real thing. The following 10 steps will finally outline for each of us how to utilize the Law Of Attraction now.

However, in order for us to realize the full benefits of the Law Of Attraction we need to practice and implement these steps repeatedly until they become automatic behaviors.

The Law Of Attraction does work. It’s one of the most powerful forces we will experience in our lifetime. These 10 steps are exactly what we need to do to allow the Law Of Attraction to produce results in our lives as soon as possible.

Step 1: Centering The Mind In Our Sanctuary

We need to create a place within our living environment which acts as a Law Of Attraction sanctuary. This will be a place we can go to leave everything behind in order to sit quietly and focus.

This sanctuary need not take up a lot of space; it simply needs to be a place designated for centering our minds while becoming receptive to the Law Of Attraction.

Once our sanctuary is established we need to spend between 15–25 minutes a day seated and relaxed in it while we do nothing but focus on our breathing.

This will allow our mind to slow down and become centered enabling us to connect with the Law Of Attraction.

Step 2: Label Exactly What It Is We Want

Being 100% clear about what we want is critically important when working with the Law of Attraction.

Because if we’re the slightest bit unsure about what it is we want to attract into our lives we cannot expect anything other than mixed results.

That also means we must face any fears we have in regards to getting what we really want in life. Fear will only block the Law Of Attraction from working for us.

That’s why we need to label exactly what we want to attract and then clear away any fears we have which may prevent us from receiving it.

Step 3: Place Our Order With The Law Of Attraction

The best way to place an order with the Law Of Attraction is by repeatedly recording exactly what we want to attract in written form as if we are grateful for already receiving it.

We also must state our order in a very positive manner because the Law Of Attraction responds to energy, not exact language. Here are good and bad examples of Law Of Attraction orders:

Good Example: “I’m so trilled and thankful to have received (include exact desire).

Bad Examples: “I want to heal this broken heart,” or “I want to become debt free.”

The reason these are bad example is that the Law Of Attraction will respond to these types of orders by sending more ‘heart break’ or more ‘debt’ because that is the focus within those orders.

A better way to phrase the bad examples are, “I am in a deep and loving relationship,” and “I am very wealthy and a magnet to money.” Notice the difference in energy from those orders as compared to the energy in the bad examples.

Never forget the Law Of Attraction doesn’t function on exact language. Instead it functions on the energy produced by the language.

Step 4: Obtaining Visionary Breaks

We must take daily ‘visionary breaks’ where we spend several minutes playing an imaginary movie in our head about our lives after the Law Of Attraction has delivered our order.

These imaginary movies can rang from being about our ultimate dream home, our perfectly healthy and fit body, our debt free lifestyle, our awesomely romantic relationships or anything else as long as we’re visualizing our deepest desires positively coming true.

We want to envision these desires so strongly that our physical senses take over and we can almost feel, hear, and smell our imaginary movie becoming a reality.

This will enable our positive thoughts to become stronger and more focused while also sending continued reminders of our orders to the Law Of Attraction. Start visualizing today.

Step 5: Gratitude + Thankfulness = Attraction

Never forget that each of us are among the most fortunate people on Earth to have discovered the Law Of Attraction.

That is reason enough why we must live thankfully and focus our attention on the loving act of being gracious in all situations. By doing this we will demonstrate our ability to live a life of thankful abundance.

That is mega important when learning how to utilize the Law Of Attraction. Because the Law Of Attraction thrives on positive energy and nothing generates more of it than gratitude.

That’s why we need to be writing down and reciting what we’re most thankful for every day. Once we truly make gratitude our way of life we’ll become a magnet for attracting our desires.

Step 6: Surrender Control

Once we reach step 6 we’ve done the bulk of the workload for placing our orders and generating results with the Law Of Attraction. Now it’s time to monitor our progress and stay on the positive path.

However, we need to do so in a relaxed and peaceful manor. That’s what the Law Of Attraction responds to.

The last thing we should ever do at this point is become impatient and try to force the Law Of Attraction to do what we want. That never works.

We need to do just the opposite of that by surrendering all control and allowing the Law Of Attraction to work naturally in its own way to manifest our desires.

Step 7: Stay On The Positive Path

Staying on the positive path in life sounds easy, but this stage is where most people start falling off and giving up on the Law Of Attraction altogether.

This step involves simply taking a more active role in the feelings we experience. The people who do the best with this step, and with the Law Of Attraction overall, are the ones who understand they are not a bystander to the ups and downs of their feelings.

The key is we create our feelings, our feelings don’t create us. That’s why we must focus deeply on creating positive feelings even in the most seemingly negative circumstances.

It takes a lot of strength and focus to be able to do this, however this is exactly the kind of lifestyle the Law Of Attraction rewards the most.

Some tips to help stay on the positive path are: listening to more positive music, connecting and spending time in nature, or just smiling for no reason as a way to generate and connect with positive feelings.

This step is massively important because staying on the positive path is the only way to fully utilizing the Law Of Attraction.

On the other hand the more negativity we experience the less the Law Of Attraction will work for us. There’s absolutely no way around it.

Step 8: Patience Brings Results

Once we’ve implemented the previous steps correctly the Law Of Attraction will respond in its own time; not ours. We must be very patient.

The Law Of Attraction is infinitely more intuitive than we are and thus it will manifest our orders at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

All we need to do is keep up with the 7 previous steps and continue to create positive thoughts while at the same time avoiding all negative situations and feelings.

Step 9: Open The Door Wide

When we realize our orders are manifesting into our reality we must open the door wide and celebrate them fully.

Embracing the delivery of our orders from the Law Of Attraction needs to be done with all of the honest gratitude we have within us.

We must be vigilant in sending our thankfulness back out to the Law Of Attraction to best keep up the connection we have developed.

We need to also continue building our momentum with the Law Of Attraction by sharing the fruits of our delivered order with world around us.

We must never hoard anything the Law Of Attractions delivers; because whatever we are granted is meant for the world, it’s just being distributed through us.

So no matter how much the Law Of Attraction betters our lives; we need to better other lives more.

Step 10: Pass The Connection On

Once we fully grasped the Law of Attraction and how to connect with it; it’s now our duty to pass that connection on to those around us.

Because once we’re connected to the Law Of Attraction we’ll quickly become a magnet for new people, children, and even animals who are in need.

This occurs because the high level of positive energy we’re producing, which the Law Of Attraction thrives on, also acts as a conductor drawing others to us.

Then, when they arrive it’s up to us to help them along their journey and point them towards the real power of the Law of Attraction.

That’s ultimately how to utilize the law of attraction while further tapping into our inborn power. This will bring us closer to living as the most complete version of ourselves immediately.

How To Utilize The Law Of Attraction Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X