How To Win At Life Starting Now (Speech)

I was born and raised as an only child which lead me to spend a great deal of time by myself.

As I grew up I was always more of a loner until I fell in love with baseball. It’s always been my favorite sport and I’ve played a lot of it throughout my life.

However, what I didn’t realize when I was playing baseball was that I was absorbing much more than just hitting and fielding.

After a while I realized being on a team was very challenging for me.

Sometimes the team won or lost because of me, sometimes the team won or lost in spite of me, and sometimes the team won or lost as if I wasn’t even there at all.

That how a team game works, but I wasn’t comfortable with that. I wanted make the difference every time.

Then, one day something incredible occurred.

The assistant coach of my team took me aside and told me that I was a great player, but I wasn’t always a great teammate.

He explained to me that even if I didn’t get a key hit or make an outstanding play I could still greatly influence the game consistently.

He showed me that I could influence the game by caring first about the team’s achievements, not my own.

He also explained that doing so didn’t just consist of cheering and rooting like a person watching from the stands. He showed me that I needed to really care about the TEAM; about all of us together.

After that the coach assisted me in being less of a loner, less indifferent, and less sensitive to negative comments. That’s when it all clicked. I let go of ME, and I became a teammate.

I became a leader and more importantly I became a better version of myself. I understood than that life overall is a team game, and the people who are the best teammates live the greatest lives.

Now that I’m older I further realize that the majority of people in the world are not great teammates in the game of life, and that’s a major reason why they’re losing overall.

Work towards being a better teammate today so tomorrow everyone can win. That’s really how to tap into your inborn power and begin winning at life now.

How To Win At Life Starting Now (Speech)
– Written by Motivational Joe X