How To Win Over A Professor In College Now

A professor in college can rule their classroom with an iron fist.

That’s why our first priority each semester needs to be winning over our toughest professors one by one. Because winning over a tough professor, or not, can be the difference between a torturous semester and a smooth one.

And considering winning over a professor isn’t very hard to do; it’s something we all need to take care of immediately.

First off, yes; we can all win over a professor even if our grades in the class are bad and he or she doesn’t like us very much. That’s because winning over a professor isn’t very hard when we know the strategies.

Then, once we win them over we’ll have instant access to better grades, more flexibility on assignments, and we’ll be able to turn around basically any classroom setback practically overnight. That’s the strength of learning how to win over a professor in college.

The best way to start learning how to win over a professor is to use empathy and begin seeing him or her as a regular person, not just a authoritative educator.

To see a professor in this new way we need to imagine him or her doing everyday things alone such as: eating dinner in front of the TV, shopping in a crowded food store, or going for a walk in the park.

As we imagine them doing these everyday things alone, we need to focus on what they might be thinking about at the time. We must really try to get inside our professor’s head to feel their insecurities and understand their need to be liked.

Then we must ask ourselves what our professor is really like in his or her quiet moments?

Next, we need to think of some really embarrassing situations we have found ourselves in recently. If that proves difficult to do here are some good examples to use:

* Puking on ourselves in public at a formal event.

* Having someone walk in on us while we’re on the toilet crapping.

* Farting loudly in a small quiet room full of people we just met.

Then, once we have the really embarrassing situation we want to use, let’s take ourselves out of it and insert our professor.

We need to keep thinking of our professor stuck in the middle of the really embarrassing situation until we start having honest compassion for him or her.

This technique will chip away at the facade our professor wants us to see while unveiling the person that’s really there.

Now that we know how to humanize our professor a little we can begin analyzing him or her to maximize our planned interactions. Much like a car salesman has techniques to win over buyers; there are also techniques to win over professors.

The following three techniques will show exactly what to do to win over a professor and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

* Action Step *

Any student can win over and maximize their interactions with any professor no matter the professor’s age, sex, physical make-up, or personality with these hints.

Technique #1: Embed Your Name In Your Professor’s Head

You need to get your professor to memorize your name for a positive reason as soon as possible. A great way to accomplish this is with a story and a question.

This involves telling your professor a story which is central to the topic of the class and then asking his or her thoughts about it. You’ll need to make the story personal yet conversational.

Even if you have to embellish the story to grab your professor’s attention; it is all good as long as they remember your name in a positive way because of it.

Example: Let’s say the class is Psychology. Intentionally grab your professor’s attention before or after class and tell him or her a wildly topical story that involves your name such as; your best friend who has the same name as you was in therapy for years because he had recurring nightmares and you believe the problem stemmed from his parents who drank, fought, and left him alone a lot when he was young.

Just make sure to tell your professor beforehand that your name is the same as your friend’s and then drop it into the story a bunch of times. When the story is done ask your professor for his or her thoughts.

Your professor will most likely jump at the chance to regal you with his or her expertise on the topic.

After that your professor will most likely remember your name because they just heard it a bunch of times in combination with spending some face to face time with you.

Also, all professors like to be asked their opinions and listened to especially when it involves the course subject outside of class. If you do this correctly your professor will know your name for a positive reason; and that’s a major part of winning him or her over.

Technique #2: Show Up To Class And Get Those Participation Points

Go to class. Do not miss any more classes than your professor allows. It is very simple, yet very few students actually go to class as often as they should.

Don’t miss out on the easiest part of winning over your professor; which is simply showing up to class and participating a little bit.

Your attendance and class participation points, whether they officially count towards your grade or not, are extremely important for winning over your professor.

Now, after you show up for class here are the best ways to gain those vital participation points:

* Don’t ever fall asleep. Granted, it’s hard to stay awake sometimes in class. However,  no behavior will cause your professor to dislike you faster than falling asleep during class. So stay awake at all costs if your aim is to win over your professor.

* Show basic classroom respect by not talking while your professor is talking. They notice it and they hate it. Instead make sporadic eye contact with your professor during each class as they speak. They notice that too and they like it. Those few seconds spent in eye-lock seem meaningless, but they count tremendously when trying to win over your professor.

* Raise your hand to answer or ask questions in class. Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. You must at least attempt to answer one question every class. This shows that you are trying, which will put you above all the others who skip class, show up late, sleep, or just sit there taking up space. However, be sure to not raise your hand too much. Because if you raise your hand in class too much you’ll come across as a kiss-ass. And nobody likes or respects a kiss-ass. Not even professors.

Technique #3: Visit Your Professor During Office Hours

It’s a must to visit your professor during his or her office hours at least once a semester to talk about a topic from the curriculum. This office visit is not an opportunity to ask for an extension on a paper, or to beg your professor to allow you to make up a test.

This office visit simply needs to enable you to build better rapport with your professor by having a one-on-one conversation about a topic from class during their offered time. That’s it.

Then afterwards your professor will look at you in a better light because you showed more interest than most other students. This is something you must take advantage of because it’s incredibly easy to do.

However, few students actually to it which is why only a couple of people in each class end up winning over the professor.

Also you don’t need to massively prepare for this office visit. All you need to do is read a section of the text book that you’re somewhat interested in and formulate a few questions.

Then, when you visit your professor during his or her office hours just ask the questions and listen carefully to the answers. That’s all it takes.

Finally, before you leave the office inquire about the people in the pictures or the plaques on the wall. The more your professor talks about things he or she likes the better it is for you in winning them over.

Just make sure to smile and nod approvingly a lot during the conversation. In the end the entire office visit is a no-lose situation and it speaks volumes when attempting to winning over your professor.

Overall, learning how to win over a professor is more of an art than a science. Use your intuition and never push or pull yourself into a situation with your professor. Pick your spots wisely and be genuine.

Your professor will sense if you have ulterior motives when you interact with them; so be sincere and respectful at all times and you’ll end up winning them over in no time.

That’s ultimately how to win over a professor while further tapping into your inborn power. This will bring you closer to living as the most complete version of yourself immediately.

How To Win Over A Professor In College Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X