How To Make A College Grad Speech Now

Congratulations, you must have done something great along the way because they don’t just let anyone give a college graduation speech.

If you need some help with your talk, here’s a college graduation speech I wrote a while back. Feel free to use it as a template, take parts of it, or you can just use it directly as is. Have fun and again congrats.

Just make sure to switch the words “we,” “our,” “you,” and “your” as needed.

* How To Make A College Graduation Speech *

Today, the bell has rung to end the final round of your/our battle with higher education.

You/we are in the middle of the ring after being hit with everything they had.

You/we are tired, bruised, and bloody, but you/we are still standing. You/we did it!

The time has come to rejoice because you/we have taken all the hard classes, finished all the incredibly long assignments, and withstood every possible obstacle your/our school could dish out.

Not only did you/we bear the onslaught of all the academic challenges of college, but you/we also endured the freshman to senior personal evolution from high school kid to young adult with a college degree.

Finally, you/we went toe-to-toe with the college social scene and felt the sting and hurt of disappointment along with the joys of discovery and exuberance.

Graduation day is the sublime indication that your/our chief college goal has been accomplished and your/our potential of being a college graduate has turned into a reality.

As you/we sit through your/our graduation day ceremony in your/our cap and gowns, it is an ideal time to reflect on the college days gone by.

Sit back and remember the college days when everything from registering for classes and simply finding your/our way around campus seemed so complicated.

Recall the college days and the struggling feelings of trying to reach out and uncover new experiences with new friends while there always seemed to be an assignment due for class in the morning.

Finally, rejoice in the college days where you/we began to discover who you/we were among thousands of other scared students that were all struggling to do the same thing.

The college experiences you/we have had and shared, along with the lessons you/we have learned, will last your/our entire life, and no one can ever take them away.

Do you remember that first day of college when you said goodbye to your parents and looked at the size, scope, and possibilities of college with sheer, childlike wonder?

Do you recall not caring about anything other than trying desperately to fit in somewhere and wondering if everyone else was as confused as you were?

Do you remember the first person you hung out with on your first day on campus when graduation day was the furthest thing from your mind?

Now you/we are here at the end of the biggest task that you/we have ever set out to accomplish. All your/our professors and the majority of your/our fellow students, including former boyfriends or girlfriends, are now in your/our recent past, only to be recalled from time to time when you/we retell stories or accidentally bump into them.

Even though a lot of your/our college friendships will fade away, the sweet images of bonding together during uncertain college times will remain forever.

During your/our early college days of broadening independence and freedom, higher education taught you/us lessons outside the classroom that were far more important than any professor’s lecture.

College teaches young students to go out on their own and develop their strengths, make friends, and explore life. College also teaches students to let go of preconceived ideas about how things ‘should be’ and why everything isn’t the way it used to be.

Finally, at the very least, college shows all students that there are different ways of ‘being’ other than how things were back home. In the simplest expression, college teaches the foundation of self-reliance and introduces each student to the world.

Now, with all of those lessons in the past, it is time to stand up straighter than you/we ever have before and stare into your/our future with hope, excitement, and integrity.

Now that you/we are a college graduate(s), you/we must always remember where you/we came from, what you/we have done, and what lies before you/us.

You/we know intimately the names of emotions like fear, anger, and frustration.

You/we have also danced with partners named happiness, joy, and love, which will provide direction when the roads of life get long and the weather turns ugly.

As your/our graduation ceremony comes to a close, try to recall what you/we were taught all the way back in kindergarten. Remember how they taught us to sit still with our hands folded, to constantly stay in line when walking, and to always be as quiet as we could as often as possible? Do you remember?

If you can, it is time to forget most of that because that is not the way people truly succeed in this world. Be loud, make up your own rules, and never blindly conform to what someone else believes is proper.

And do not get concerned with being polite to the challenges of life. Instead greet life’s challenges with a strong, firm, and confident determination. You/we have come to far to do anything less.

Because after all if you/we approach life in a submissive manner, it will react in a domineering fashion. Now as you/we prepare to whirl your/our cap(s) into the air and wave goodbye to college, I would like to leave everyone with…

(The most important part of how to make a college graduation speech is making the speech personal to you. Now take one of your answers to the action step below and use it to finish this speech by making it personal.)

* Action Step *

In what specific and great ways have you grown as a person in the following three areas during college: Academically, Socially, Emotionally?

List Three Academic Ways You Have Grown:

List Three Social Ways You Have Grown:

List Three Emotional Ways You Have Grown:

How To Make A College Graduation Speech Now
– Written by Motivational Joe X